The Tea Giant – by James

This is a story about a TEA GIANT! It took place in 1974, when my granddad was going on a walk with my mam. As they walked through the field, they saw a big plate, fork and knife. Then they saw a giant tea cup fall from the sky. BOOM! My mam jumped as high as a rabbit into my granddads arms. My granddad went to see what was going on, my mam hurried behind him. Suddenly the giant lifted up the cup and my mam and granddad fell in. The giant went to pour a cup of tea. They shouted “STOP!” My granddad asked, “Can you pour me a cup?” and the giant replied “of course I can.” My granddad loved the tea so much, he went back the very next day

3 thoughts on “The Tea Giant – by James”

  1. I like how you did the story very good and put the story together like that! One thing you could improve on is saying Grandpa instead of “granddad.” I also like that you put the story very well.

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