The Strange Garden by Eden

Yesterday we were just chucking a ball to each other but then Callie accidentally threw the ball into someone’s back garden but she didn’t know where it went. We then told her that it’s lost. ‘Ok but where did it go?’ She shouted. Then I pointed to the garden it went into. The house that was said to be haunted.

That got her and everyone else scared. 

Not that I cared so I stuck my arm in through the garden’s hedge and managed to get the ball without getting any of my body in. 

But not long later it went into the garden again.

One thought on “The Strange Garden by Eden”

  1. Hi Eden,
    I read your Garden story, it was very good! I enjoyed reading it. I also liked how you started your story with you chucking the ball. I also like how you said “That got her and everyone else scared.” Your storys are very fun to read!
    Keep up the awesome writing,
    Gemma Sela Team100 Guilderland NY,
    GES at FMS.

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