The Strange Child by Holly

One day my friends and I went on a walk. As we were walking we came across a mysterious,ancient and odd looking hotel. Three of my friends suggested that we enter this odd place. While my other friend and I thought that we shouldn’t. After arguing for minutes we finally decided to go inside. Nervously we wandered around the place, then all of a sudden we saw an urchin hiding behind a candy bar stand. I felt so utterly sorry for her so I let her stay in my house until my family and I find her a good home.

2 thoughts on “The Strange Child by Holly”

  1. Hi Holly
    I have just read Mia’s story and it feels as though your stories are slightly interlinked with you both writing from different sides of the same story (I’m guessing that wasn’t intentional!) I’m glad that, even though you know you shouldn’t have been in the house, everything turned out ok in the end.
    Miss T Team 100wc

  2. Hi Holly
    I loved your story I loved the kindness you showed to that urchin.
    I wonder did you find a home for it?
    Bye for now Mathew OG mrs Boyces class

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