The Strange Bike by Daniels

On day Tom and Tim went to the park. When they went into the park there was an old dirty bike on the side of the road, it was yellow. An hour later Tom and Tim had walked all around the park and went home. When they went home they saw the same bike on their doorstep. Tom and Tim were kind of scared for a moment but then took the bike and put it inside the house.

At midnight they heard the door opening and saw a clown was there. They woke up and the clown got them and the last thing that that they heard was the clown laugh….

One thought on “The Strange Bike by Daniels”

  1. Um that was pleasant. But is the bike fake and its a clown or was it a fake clown and the bike was real.
    One thing I have to say is you might have wanted to put on Sunday instead of on day.

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