The Spooky Castle by Holly

It was a dark and spooky night. Lisa, Katie and Rebecca were trick or treating. Near the end of the night they came across a spooky castle. They tried to avoid it, but then all of a sudden they heard their names being called. They entered the castle. BANG!! They were trapped inside. Lisa and Katie tried to escape. Rebecca saw a little girl in the corner of her eye. She promised the girl she would help her find happiness. The girl decided to set them free. Just as Rebecca and her friends left, the girl disappeared and was never seen again. The end.

2 thoughts on “The Spooky Castle by Holly”

  1. Hi, Holly
    I quite liked your story with the little girl this is just like one of those scary story’s your friend tells you if you are having a sleepover close to Halloween but It Didn’t quite make sense to me maybe you could of did one part of the story and write the rest of the story with the prompt Just like I did with one of my story’s that I am thinking of continuing writing the story by writing another part of.
    If you want to see the story’s I was taking about I will put the links below this sentience:

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