The Spiderlings, A Spider and A Butterfly – by Denyzy

Once upon a time there were animals called spiderlings they lived in very spiky – looking cherries. Always they would stay their loved ones in their spiky habitats. But one spider wasn’t a spiderling it was a loving – looking spider. Her cheeks were pink as a heart and her scarf was puffed like a cuddly pillow heart. Always she would be sad she wanted to live with her speacial someone in her own spike habitat. One day she decided to make her own wings since spiderlings, had wings and she really wanted wings, so she had her chin up and flied she was flying!. Suddenly her leaf ripped and she fell down on the tall grass she couldn’t see a thing until she saw a hopeless butterfly one of his wings were damaged. Looking at it she’s never seen anything like it a real butterfly with very big blue eyes and big fluttery wings. She fixed his wings with her web , the butterfly thanked her , the butterfly started to be friends with the spider they played. But one day they were turning old and they were turning blind, they made a baby of their own.

2 thoughts on “The Spiderlings, A Spider and A Butterfly – by Denyzy”

  1. Hi Denyzy. I absolutely loved your story. It’s one of my favourites this week. You’ve used lovely vocabulary to tell your story. I can really visualise it! Well done.

  2. Hi Denyzy,
    I loved your story!
    It was real heart to heart,
    And well done for winning the special show case!
    Keep up the great work!
    Bye for now,

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