The Sketches by Rose

I finished off the sketches for the war jet and showed it to the team, ”This is gonna be our war jet, it has room for 2 and has enough fuel to make to fly half the world in 5 hours.” I explained. It was going work, it had to. I wasn’t even a part of the team, my parents died and I was said to be a great asset to the team. The person who was going fly the plane was about to show any minute. ”What’s wrong, where is our pilot?!” Everyone looked at me. ”He is missing, and the countdown to the explosives are underway.” I was confused ”Ok, then where is the backup?” They looked at me again,

The plane just wouldn’t take off.

3 thoughts on “The Sketches by Rose”

  1. I have never been on a war jet but i have been on a plane. I like your chose of wording. I thing you need to read over it more because you forgot the work to a couple of times.

  2. HI Rose! Your story is very interesting and cool. It reminded me of when I made a story about a plane ride. If you could make a part 2 about this, that would be very nice!!

  3. Hello Rose,
    I really like your piece I wouldn’t be surprised if I found that this piece won a 100 WC award!
    Also, a war jet plane Wow! I have never been on one but I’ve seen them in a museum and my Dad has sat in one before. He never flew it because he was a child back then, because he came from another continent and they would bring out some stuff from the military and the schools would take a little field trip to see them and learn about what they do!

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