The Sign We Ignored by Craig

Brian, Zach and Rhys and I were walking down the road. There was a sign, we took no notice of sign. The sign said ‘ nuclear power plant stay back.’ But since they ignored the found a weird looking pond we saw an alligator went into the pond and then turn to dust. We were all in shock and then we just ran away from the nuclear power plant scared of our lives we sprinted as fast as we could no time to stop and relax we were sprinting out of the nuclear power plant as fast as we could I started to get tired but I still ran cause was I was really scared.

One thought on “The Sign We Ignored by Craig”

  1. Hi Craig
    I think I would also be scared of a weird pond, alligator and nuclear power plant! Your 100WC gives us good reasons not to ignore signs! Next time re-read your work and try to put in some full stops. It makes it much easier for the reader.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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