The Shop Competition by Darragh

Fred woke up. He went outside of his room. He checked the news paper, it said that the first person who reaches the shop wins five million euro. Fred ran outside and headed to the nearest shop. On the way he met a robot “Which way to the shops?” it panted “on the the next street” Fred said. Fred looked around and saw more people heading to the shop so he decided to run faster but then a man pushed him on the ground. Fred tried to get up but he was to weak but then the robot came over and hit him in the head knocking him out.

2 thoughts on “The Shop Competition by Darragh”

  1. Oh no! What happened to Fred? I hope that he woke up and recovered from being hit on the head by a robot. I really enjoyed the way in which you used the prompt – you must be very creative. Your writing had me really wanting Fred to win the prize and I liked the fact that he simply wasn’t a happy ending. Perhaps next time try to use some synonyms for some of the words you use.

    Keep up the wonderful writing!

  2. This was very quick I was kinda confused I wish I could win 5 million dollars. You should make another one when someone wins the 5 million dollars.

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