The Shop by Charlie

There once was a boy named Joe. He and his friends where outside playing football, when a car pulled up. Out hopped a human sized caterpillar, “which way to the shop?” it panted. We were gaping in awe of what had happened.”Hurry up now chop, chop” said the caterpillar. “Umm go straight up the road take the second left and then the first right” I replied. It hurried back into its car and drove off. We decided we were going to follow it up to the shop and see what it was doing. When we arrived we saw that the shop was filled with human sized insects and arachnids.

2 thoughts on “The Shop by Charlie”

  1. I like that the story was. Super creative. Maybe add what the insects were doing? If you do, it will make it a little bit better.

  2. Hello Charlie, I like your imaginative approach to this challenge. It was great how you started the story like it was just an ordinary day where you were enjoying a game with friends. “We were gaping in awe” works so well in creating mystery and surprise. “Umm…” also shows just how shocked you were. The story ending provides an explanation and an opportunity to write another chapter. Well done.

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