The Shirt by Ashton

There once were 3 boys James, Logan and Max. They were going to the zoo with their school. They got ready and went. When they got there Max was wearing something he did not remember putting on. Max said to his friends, ‘I don’t remember putting this on.’

His friend said ‘really?’

Max said, ‘ yes!’. It was a green shirt with nothing on it. ‘Oh! well let’s look at the animals it’s only a shirt.’

‘I know, ok!’ said max. Still confused he asked his mam what and where the shirt came from his mam said he always had it. He had forgotten.

3 thoughts on “The Shirt by Ashton”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Ashton. Can I suggest that you didn’t need to write ‘They got ready and went’ as your reader will make that assumption when you write about Max arriving. I like that you are punctuating with speech marks. Remember to re-read and edit before publishing (or ask a friend to help you). 😀

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