The Shape-Shifter by Callum

The chase was on man versuss man as they thought. The hairy looking man had just robbed the huge mansion. He shouted “hahaha,you’ll never catch me,” in an evil voice. This was it he thought he would be rich at last. As he was running fearlessly through the woods he heard sirens. He quickly shape- shifted into a kangaroo so he could put his stuff in his pouch. As he got deeper into the forest he could hear running behind him he saw wolves so he slowed down. As it let out a pitfall howl one of the wolves sprained its ankle. ”Yes,” he said. He got away.

2 thoughts on “The Shape-Shifter by Callum”

  1. Wow. I like really like the suggestion that it isn’t just the robber who is a shape-shifter but maybe the wolves are people too. Although I’m not sure why he slowed down when he saw them. I would have thought being chased by wolves would be a reason to run faster.

    1. I think its very cool how he can shape – shift and a specially a kangaroo they are such cool animals. But why would he slow down I think it’s a nice detail but I think he should have gone faster.

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