The Scooter Ride by Eden

When I woke up, I dressed and ate in a hurry because I was allowed to go to the park with my fluffy dog, Daisy all on my own. ‘Mike, take this money and buy you and your sister a Halloween costume’, said my mum while she was painting her red vase blue. I took the money and I took off on my scooter. I zoomed down the steep hill almost going into wet concrete, but luckily I missed it. I felt dizzy when I got there so I lay down on the grass and Daisy happily danced around me.

One thought on “The Scooter Ride by Eden”

  1. Hi Eden! This story is very creative and very cool! The 5 words danced, red, scooter, fluffy, and concrete were words I used in my 100 word challenge! I hope I can see another one from you.

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