The Sack of Balbriggan by Daniels

In 1920 the sack of Balbriggan was dreadful, the army shot out cannons. The houses were on fire. All the people wanted was that the sack of Balbriggan ended. In 2 year time the people were really sad because all the houses and factories were destroyed all the builders were working hard so the people can start living in their houses. It took a long time, they finished in 1940. The people stayed in Dublin and the people were so happy when they saw their houses were as new. They were so happy that they gave the builders money for fixing their homes.

One thought on “The Sack of Balbriggan by Daniels”

  1. Hello Daniels!

    This is a really great story! I love how you used your story to educate us about a historical event. You did a really great job at your descriptions. You were also very concise, so the reader got a lot of information in a short time. That was an excellent job!

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