The Rocket by Kyle

It was a bright January morning but it was bitterly cold. Everybody that had helped manufacture this amazing rocket stood still, waiting for the results of their project. They all felt as though they had frostbite. They heard the engine start, and they all became extremely excited. If this rocket worked, it would reach the moon in about 15 minutes. It would be as fast as lightning. They all stared at the rocket eagerly, but when it just wouldn’t take off they all became very worried. They looked on in despair. Suddenly, the rocket shot up into the air at extreme speed. It was time for the people that had invented this rocket to have a party!

2 thoughts on “The Rocket by Kyle”

  1. It hass been really cold latley to. You have done a really good job with sentence structure. Maybe you can work on shorter sentences. What did they do for the party.

  2. Hello Kyle, watching a rocket take off is so exciting I think. I always feel a certain amount of fear too, hoping that everything will work properly. I like how you have created the atmosphere in your story (cold but didn’t stop the excitement. I hope they had a great party.

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