The Rocket by Aaron

I have just gotten my approval letter to go to space with the new Rocket Speed 2000. I’m so ready! So I packed up and headed straight for the rocket lab. It was a long drive but that didn’t bother me because I was going to be the first ever to go to space in the Rocket Speed 2000. As soon as we arrived I had to get into my space suit because I was going straight away. Before I got into the Rocket Speed 2000 I had to hug my mam and dad. In less than two minutes I was going 2000 miles per hour!!!!


4 thoughts on “The Rocket by Aaron”

  1. Hey Aaron! I like this space story you made. It’s really cool and it reminds me of Space Camp! Would you make a part 2 for your space story? If you could, I think that would make it even better!!

  2. Hi your story reminds me of space camp. You have great adjectives and what happens after he leaves earth like does his rocket explode during take off.

  3. hey Aaron I really liked your piece I really thought it was creative of you going to space on the rocket speed 2000! But i’m wondering who made the rocket speed 2000? But overall I really think your piece was good.

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