The Robbery by Ashton

One day Sam was going down the lane with his bike. Then a teenager gang came up to him. Sam ignored them at first but then they punched him. Sam was frustrated and shouted ‘hey why did u do that!’ Jack one of the teenagers said, ‘because we can!’ Sam replied, ‘well can you stop!!’ Sam quickly got up and got on his bike and he cycled as fast as he could. The teenager gang chased after him they greedily wanted to steal the yellow bike. Sam was desperate to get out alive, he warned himself not to go there ever again.

3 thoughts on “The Robbery by Ashton”

  1. Hi Ashton,
    Good job writing a story that sounds so true to life! When I was a kid, I spent an entire day building a snowman family, complete with outfits and a pet dog. My parents were so proud that they set up a spotlight on my creative handiwork. The snow family lasted all of one day. A group of mean-spirited teenagers who were walking by our house decided to kick it all down. I watched through the window and cried. It’s something I’ll never forget…and your story reminded me of those thoughtless teens. I’m sure they all regret their awful deed…not. đŸ™‚ Way to go on your 100WC!
    – Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC, 8th Grade English teacher from Virginia, USA

  2. Sam was extremely brave; he was lucky to escape the clutches of that gang.
    Well done on using all 5 words – it was a tricky challenge.
    Looking forward to hearing more of your short stories.
    Kind regards

  3. Hi Ashton, I like your story a lot. I’ve also have done this prompt! You only have one quotation so I would use two. I want to know why they want the yellow bike so badly?

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