The River by Kyle

I was so excited to go back to the place where I had spent so much of my life, playing and having fun. I used to always have picnics in the park and go swimming in the river. As soon as I opened the door of my parent’s house and we spent a few enjoyable minutes hugging and having a chat, we ambled to the humongous park that I loved beside the house. I knew something wasn’t right straight away when we went in. The grass was yellow and dead. I exclaimed ‘I have never seen the river bed so dry! There are even rats scuttling around!’ ‘I know’, my Mam said sadly. ‘It’s because of climate change.’

One thought on “The River by Kyle”

  1. We have lots of dead grass around our house actually the dead grass is ours but that’s not the point I liked the use of dialogue where were they to the point that climes change made the whole river dissaper

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