The Right to Exist – by Haylie

One day mother nature gave the power to all Durian fruit to live. The Durian fruit had a great idea to rule the world and end hunger and end plastic. But there was one little problem; mankind. The fruit told mankind their plan. Mankind hated their plan and that started a war. All of the Durian fruit went back to their tree and made up a plan. They got in secretly and shot everything they saw that moved and they won the war. A few Durian fruits died but there was no mankind alive so they picked up all the plastic and grew lots of trees and flowers.

9 thoughts on “The Right to Exist – by Haylie”

  1. Hi Haylie,
    I like how you described the war and how they won,
    It reminds me of a film when there was a war aswell,
    I wonder who invented the war?
    Bye for now Wojciech
    Mrs Boyce’s class

  2. Hi Haylie .I loved the way you said that they would pick up plastic . What do you think would happen if they actually come alive and kill us all. Bye from Tadhg Mrs Boyce’s class .

  3. Hi Haylie,
    I like your story because it was fun to read,
    I wonder how long did the war last,
    Goodbye from Szymon,
    Mrs Boyce’s Class.

  4. Hi Haile
    I like your story because it is different from other story’s.
    It reminds me of a Movie called epic.
    Did they destroy houses as well?
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs Boyces Class

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