The Ride by Ashton

One day Tom and Clay were going on a bike ride. They both had nice bikes, Clay’s was dark red Tom’s was yellow. They loved their bikes so much they would bring them around the road every day. But this day was different, as they were going around the road Tom was going too fast and had a bad crash into a pole. Clay didn’t panic, he called the ambulance and then Tom’s mom. He knew Tom was in pain but Tom didn’t act that badly. The ambulance came and Tom got better.

Tom and Clay are still friends – the yellow bike made them.

2 thoughts on “The Ride by Ashton”

  1. Hi Ashton! I like the message of friendship in this story. My favourite sentence from this is “They loved their bikes . . . every day”. It is specific and shows the characters’ love for their bikes (by them cycling every day) instead of only reporting it as a fact. Keep writing!

  2. I also have a red bike. I love how a bike made those two best friends. Why did they not take their usual route for biking and can you make a part 2. Just a suggestion you can add some sentence verity.

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