The Restaurant by Leon

It is my birthday today and it’s already getting dark. So my family and I decided we’ll go to a restaurant. I was looking for a name that would inspire me. 15 minute later I found it, THE TWENTY FOOT GIRAFFE!!!!! So I asked my parents can we go there. They agreed and so we got handed our menu. The menu is rather weird, for example salted banana with what seemed be greasy brown… stuff. And sadly it was the most normal thing there so I piked it. Well all of us picked it. The only way I can describe it was salty.

2 thoughts on “The Restaurant by Leon”

  1. Hello Leon, what a great name for a restaurant. The name also gave the clue to the reader that the menu might be different than at other restaurants. I would have liked to hear more about your reaction to the food but well done.

  2. Hi Leon! i liked your story for his week but there is this one sentence that does not make sense to me…
    They agreed and so we got handed our menu. 🙂 From sophia

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