The Rescue by Donnchadh

We were in the hummer heading out of Kabul after our scout mission. The heat was unbearable, so we parked in the shade to get a break. All of a sudden we got a mayday call on our radio from the helicopter commander. He’d been shot down over enemy territory and he needed help! We had to get there before the enemy. We drove as quick as we could to the crash site. When we got there a dust storm in the distance told us the Taliban were on the way. We got there just in time. We pulled our commander to safety and raced back to base.

2 thoughts on “The Rescue by Donnchadh”

  1. I wrote a 100 challenge about this prompt too. Interesting story. Do you have a connection to Afaiginistan?

  2. To Donnchadh
    I really like how you story bases on what happened
    Keep up the good writing,
    Your doing well.


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