The Reckless Fire by Matthew

I heard spitting, I ran out to the field with the fire extinguisher.

I was frightened and petrified.

I tried to stop the fire but it didn’t work, I tried to step on the fire but the fire set to my foot. My foot was scorching.

I saw buckets of water I spilt some on my foot and on the water.

I called the fire brigade, they came immediately. When they came they put the fire straight away. BANG three trees hit the ground.

The fire brigade lifted the tree and put it in a safe space. The fire man said to me “you’re a brave boy”.

One thought on “The Reckless Fire by Matthew”

  1. Hi my name is Samuel. What is your favorite animal? Mine is a salamander. I like that you tried to put out the fire. Good job, keep up the good work, and have a good day.

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