The re-opening by Callum

In woke up to my mam’s voice saying to get up it’s the day of the reopening of the museum.

I got up out of bed carelessly.

I got dressed, ate breakfast and brushed my teeth.

Me my mam and my sister got in the car and my mam drove to the museum.

The museum got a new artefact and we were very very excited to see it.

I thought it was going to be a new boat room.

My sister thought it was going to be a new animal room.

But when we got there we were speechless.

It was a ball of dinosaur bones.

One thought on “The re-opening by Callum”

  1. I like the way you have set our story out, Callum. It makes it so easy to follow, and I like the contrast between your explanation, your sister’s explanation and what it actually is. Very good interpretation of the prompt.

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