The Random House by Luke

It is January first and John walked outside to go on a walk. On the walk he went past the graveyard. He saw a house pop up at the end of it and then sprinted home. The next day he went to school. There was a new girl her name was Sam. He thought there was something off about her. She said she lives near the graveyard. I knew it she lives in that house that popped up out of nowhere. The second school ended I sprinted to the house. I walked in and asked what is going on she is a witch.

One thought on “The Random House by Luke”

  1. Yikes, Luke, a witch at school. I did think that perhaps she would make lots of friends there, but then I noticed you said ‘there was something off about her’. I hope she doesn’t cast an evil spell on John and the other students.

    Well done on your engaging story. It would be great to know what would happen if you had more 100 words to use for your story. I imagine it could have ended up as quite a scary tale.

    Warm regards,
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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