The Purple Elephant by Rhys

Once upon time there was a little purple elephant and his name was Jim Bob he was a very nice elephant but one day out of nowhere he became very happy we don’t know why we all think he was a magical elephant he started to paint a violin but instead he painted a lion then everybody got scared because they all thought there was a lion coming for them but there wasn’t so all the People so they all got their swords and guns and went looking for the lion but as you expected they found nothing so they went home.

4 thoughts on “The Purple Elephant by Rhys”

  1. Hi Rhys
    I really liked your story
    I liked the way you used the theme
    It reminds me of a book I read before
    Good story
    Bye for now Liam A
    Mrs Boyces class

  2. Hi Rhys.
    I enjoyed reading your story.
    I hope the elephant is okay.
    Good thing you stopped looking for the lion .
    Bye for now Kristupas Mrs Boyces 5Class.

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