The Protest by Aaron

The new oil and gas industry has just opened and things have not been going so well. There is now a lot of people protesting for it to be shut down because of the amount of pollution that it is doing to our earth. Two weeks after the grand opening some protesters set the industry ablaze. The flames were bright as they were red and yellow as well as making it urgent for the workers to evacuate. Half an hour later the flames were ruthless. The grand owner John Bean was now devastated as all his work was now gone but the planet is now closer to being safe.

One thought on “The Protest by Aaron”

  1. Dear Aaron,

    I like how you bring attention to this subject. I also think that something should change with the oil and gas industry to make pollution decrease. I think this would help our planet a lot. I’m curious, what is school in Ireland like? I also have a blog if you would like to visit it. My blog URL is Have a good day!


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