The Problem by Ashton

One day there were 2 siantist Mark and Steven they loved bored games like love. They made a robot base of an monopoly character they taught the world would love it.

But since it was there first robot they didn’t know the side effects.

It could harm so many people see the robot was 6’3 it would go fast as light. It could crucially hurt someone . They were young so didn’t realise. The first victim was guy called Jake he sued 1000€ Steven and Mark knew they had to close down.

But there was still one more????

4 thoughts on “The Problem by Ashton”

  1. Hi Ashton, I enjoyed reading your story. My favorite part was the monopoly type of robot I love robots and monopoly so this was very interesting to me. This relates to me because I am in the middle of a monopoly game and I have a robot at home maybe I should teach him how to play monopoly. A thing I might recommend is making sure spelling and punctuation, but overall the story was great! -Skye Saint Charles Illinois U.S

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