The Play by Mia

Ms Brennock’s and Ms Bradford’s classes did a play. Emmanuel was the Camel , Zach was the voiceover, Emma was the Innkeeper’s wife . She wore a cloak the green of plant foliage . Mia was Mary, she wore a cerulean blue dress. They did lots of rehersals . Finally the big day came. On the day Emmanuel’s hair was a bit dishevelled. The school hall was perfect for the play as everyones voices seemed to reverberate. A big camera was pointed intensly at the children, it seemed they were on the television. Suddenly the door opened it was some thugs! Everybody froze.

11 thoughts on “The Play by Mia”

  1. I really enjoyed Reading your writing. Your vocabulary is amazing.I really like how you have included past experience’s in it.

  2. Hello Mia, I was interested by your writing. I was wondering if the names you chose were your classmates? I enjoyed the part when you told the reader the one of the character’s hair was dishevelled. Excellent choice of vocabulary!

  3. Hi this is Mia i loved your story about the play, you had included all the characters and had description on them. I particularly liked that you included a cliffhanger at the end, I wanted to read on it was a good use of ideas! Very creative writing and keep up the good work.”Please visit our class blog at

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