The Plan by Craig

Mr pink was mowing his lawn, Tom and Jake wanted to get back at his son Mark Pink. Tom and Jake were blowing bubbles as a distraction to act innocent. Then Mr Pink emptyed the bins and went on his bicycle and Mrs Pink went work. Which made an opening for Tom and Jake. Their plan was to pretend that they were criminals breaking into his house. They bought ridiculous clown costumes to hid their appearance and painted a Nerf gun black so it fired like a real gun. They hopped over the fence and found the key under the mat.

One thought on “The Plan by Craig”

  1. Hello Cliona, I feel like your story is just beginning and it won’t have a very good ending for Tom and Jake. I think you have set the mood of this story really well. Having the main characters called “Pink” makes it sound kind of happy and having Mr Pink mowing the lawn sets the image of an ordinary, sunny day that happens in many homes at weekends. Tom and Jake were also having “fun” or making out they were, then you change it and the story becomes more sinister. Well done.

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