The Pit by Eden

I was in the empty room lit by only a single candle. I walked around and then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room so I couldn’t see anything. The floor started disappearing so I ran to the huge door but it was locked. I looked down the pit and I only saw darkness. Suddenly, where I was standing disappeared and I fell. It seemed years before I saw the bottom. I thought I would really hurt myself but just when I was about to touch the bottom, I woke up. It took a minute but I then realised it was just a dream.

2 thoughts on “The Pit by Eden”

  1. I did this prompt, and I like your story. Where did your story take place? There are some misspellings.

  2. Wow! Stories about dreams can be really scary… especially the falling ones or if you’re being chased. I think if you switched the order of two ideas you could make it even scarier, as if your character couldn’t see anything how did they see the floor disappear? But if the floor disappeared and then the candle went out, then they wouldn’t be able to see how far they might fall. Just an idea.

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