The Pink Giraffe – by Lee

I woke up really excited because of my school tour. We were going to the zoo. When we arrived the men were drilling. Before we walked into a strange room teacher said “you have to walk in quietly.” When we walked in James shouted “pink giraffe !” The giraffe escaped and the night zoo keeper had to chase him. I found a rope on the ground and gave it to him. At last he finally caught then and said thank you to me. We all had a lot to talk about, but we enjoyed it.

3 thoughts on “The Pink Giraffe – by Lee”

  1. Wow Lee – that was some school tour!
    I hope you got a reward for helping the Nightzookeeper to capture the pink giraffe.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

  2. Hi Lee
    Good story!
    What an eventful school tour!
    Did James get in trouble for shouting?
    By Calum
    Mrs.Boyces Class

  3. hey james good and outrageous story you;ve made
    what an outrageous school tour.
    what damage did the giraffe do when it escaped. gary 6th mrs boyce

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