The Pigeon by Daniels

One day Tim and Tom went to their friend’shouse. Her name was Sophie she was looking at her pet pigeon. She wanted to teach him how to send messages. Tim and Tom stared at each other – ‘we will help you’. One day we came back to Sophie`s house and we heard Sophie say, ‘where did my pet pigeon go?! But where did it go she shouted?’ Tom said, ‘we will find him.’ One hour later we found the pigeon on the ground and quickly brought him to the the vet. In 2 weeks he was fine and Sophie was happy and us too!

3 thoughts on “The Pigeon by Daniels”

  1. Hello!
    I enjoyed that the pet in your story was a pigeon! One question I have is about this line: “Tim and Tom stared at each other”—why did the stare at each other? Was it in amazement or in confusion or in surprise that Sophie had a pet pigeon?

    I’d glad that the pigeon was found and everything turned out ok. :

    Keep your writing & creativity flowing!
    Francine, Team 100
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

  2. we did this story too
    nice job
    maybe more adverbs can make your story in prove more
    you did a great job i liked your story a lot

  3. A lovely story, Daniels! I like that Sophie was trying to teach the pigeon to send messages, and that Tim and Tom were being so helpful. It does make me wonder how exactly Sophie ended up losing the pigeon, though. Did it just fly away during training? Keep writing!

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