The Park Incident by Leon

Yesterday in the park the strangiest thing happened.  I was walking with my friend to the park and all of a sudden we found ourselves in the worst place possible, SCHOOL!!!! I started to panic because it was the middle of the summer holidays! Then from the desk all my friends in different colours came out. The orange one spoke first ‘Leon why haven’t you been online for 14 hours’ I started screaming. ‘Help I don’t want to be here.’ My teacher said ‘Leon no shouting in the class room.’ I thought to myself, What the hell is happening?!! Then I woke up in my bed.

7 thoughts on “The Park Incident by Leon”

  1. Hello Cliona, this is a very interesting story. You have been able to create a lot of mystery so that, as a reader, I was engaged. I wanted to keep reading to see what would happen next. I would have preferred your story without the last sentence. What do you think? Well done.

  2. Hello again Jessica, just realised I referred to you by the incorrect name. “Sorry!”

  3. Hi Leon.
    I like your story.
    I reminds me of a story that I wrote before.
    My favourite part is the ending.
    By for now.
    From Ronan Mrs Boyces

  4. Hey Leon I really liked your story. Sometimes on the school holidays I too dream that I am at school. I also agree with panic if I went to school in the summer holidays. I think that your story is really descriptive and I like how you don’t just write ‘and’ over again. BTW do you read the “just” series by Andy Griffin? -Abby

  5. Hi Leon,
    I loved your story and school is the worst.
    It reminded me from when I forgot my homework.

    Pleas comment on my story
    From Zach

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