The Park by Niamh

It was early in the morning. I was on a walk with my family. I was on the way to the shops and we saw someone with a ladder. After we went to the park. On the way I saw a bird that was dead with red thick blood all around it. When we got there my dad’s coins fell out of his pockets. On the way home my sister stepped on a pavement that wasn’t set and my sister was sinking. We all had to pull her out. We got home and we had a shower and got into our pyjamas!

One thought on “The Park by Niamh”

  1. Hi Niamh,
    You have used the prompt words in an interesting way this week. What a random early morning you have written about. Just a suggestion, it might make it easier for commenters in the future if you highlight the prompt words or sentence in your writing.
    Keep up the great writing,
    Mrs Horan
    Team 100WC,
    Morrinsville, New Zealand

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