The Panther Cobra – by Cian

I am in the jungle with my co explorer and good friend Tom Bricks, trying to investigate the rarest animal on the planet the panther cobra. We’re investigating how much poison is packed in its bite because we’ve been told that it killed a gorilla. We are pretty cautious when looking for the snake as it is the most poisonous snake in the world. I manage to find one while Tom was eating a yellow banana. I tried to pick it up with my snake catcher but it broke free so we started running away. We didn’t actually get a sample of the venom but at least we are still alive.

One thought on “The Panther Cobra – by Cian”

  1. Hi Cian
    I love the way you don’t get angry when you don’t get the venom.
    Was Tom Bricks angry that you didn’t get the venom?
    How long did were you in the jungle?
    Tom really likes bananas 🍌.
    From Craig

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