The Not So Nice Hotel by Emma

Today we’re go on a road trip. Eva, Ava and I are going to California. So first I drove to their house to pick them up.

Then Ava suggested we get fast food. I got noodles and sweet and sour chicken it was so nice.

5 hours later

The sun is going down at 9 pm. At night we’re starting to get tired so I’m going to look for a motel. oh there’s one. It s one minute away, bit it’s one star. I’ll go, me too, said Ava and Eve so we got there and got our room and when we walked in a flash of light then darkness ahhhh!!

2 thoughts on “The Not So Nice Hotel by Emma”

  1. Hello Emma, well that was a bit of a risk going to a one star motel. I like how you started your story with it sounding like everything was going fine (eating at Maccas etc). It is also interesting that you have left the reader to decide what has happened at the end of the story (is it just that the one star motel hadn’t paid their electric bill or is it something much more sinister?) Well done.

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