The Nightzoo – by Noemi

On Friday because it was sunny me and my family went to the Night Zoo. I saw loads of animals. That were loads of colours. Suddenly my mam spotted a pink camel. I was shocked I never saw a pink camel. Although there was a pink lake so the camel can hide in the pink lake . After the Night Zoo was closing we went to a desert. When we came to the desert another pink camel was there. It smelled like poop. It looked like a unicorn, it felt like my teachers hair, I licked it and it tasted like an oreo! And it looked like my friend. ”We went home we saw enough animals for today” I said.

One thought on “The Nightzoo – by Noemi”

  1. Noemi,
    I can see how carefully you have composed your piece to use descriptions for all of the senses. When I first pictured the pink camel and the pink lake I thought of the flamingo. I believe it gets its pink hue from what it eats. This made me wonder if the camel in your piece gets its color from drinking the pink lake water. Then, of course, I wondered, where did the lake get its color? Maybe the rocks and minerals?
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Hub Buddy Teacher, GES, Guilderland, NY, USA

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