The Night Before Halloween by Jessica M

One dark, stormy night two girls were getting ready for Halloween. They were so excited to go trick or treating. Before they went to bed they heard a noise coming from outside so they went out to see what it was. Directly in front of the door was a note with a clue trial. The girls decided to do it, the first clue led them to a dark cave. When they arrived at the cave there was a clown staring at them. The girls let out a scream. The deafening scream echoed through the cold night and the girls ran…

One thought on “The Night Before Halloween by Jessica M”

  1. Aaahhhhh…
    Jessica, well done, a great spooky 100WC.
    You created the perfect setting and athmosphere by describing the weather, the sounds the girls heard and the location. I also loved your cliffhanger at the end, let us hope that all is ok with the girls in the end.
    Keep up the great writing Jessica.

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