The Next Generation by Luke

“Welcome to the future, but with my ‘next gen tech’ it will be the past!” exclaimed Samuel White.

” This is the doodler, it takes you back in time,” he said.

“With the doodler you can go back to when people lived in castles and leaves battlefields with heads!” he yelled.

“The way to turn it on is very crafty, you start rolling this knob and push this button and voila it is done!” he said to the crowd.

“You know what? I am going to be a cave man, bye!” he yelled out to the world.

Boom! The whole world was destroyed, it wasn’t ready for time travel.

4 thoughts on “The Next Generation by Luke”

  1. Hi Luke

    I Liked the part where he said I’m going to be a caveman bye world and ten the world blew up.

    Bye from Keelan

  2. Hello Luke, that was a surprise ending. I thought he was going to go back to being a caveman or somewhere interesting in the past. I like how you used the description of the doodler explaining how to turn it on. I just got a sense that something might go wrong but I wasn’t expecting what you chose. Well done.

  3. I like how you were from the future, with all of these cool gadgets! I wish I actually was in the future.

    Dominic from GES at FMS

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