The New Broken Video Game by Ashley

“What!?!” I groaned as I was shaken vigorously by someone.

“Ashley! Quick get up, get up, get up!!!” It was my brother, Liam. “Come on, my new video game for my computer just arrived. Suddenly I got pulled out of bed onto the floor. “Fine. Come on show me.” I said.

The new game was surprisingly good we were having such a good time then everything stopped.

“WHAT HAPPENED!!! What did you do Ashley, why did it stop?” My brother berated me.

“I don’t know?” I said, trying not to laugh at my frustrated brother. “Ashley! What did you do?” I said mocking my brother.

“Hold on, I’ll be back in a second.” I said.

I went down stairs to check the Wi-Fi, but there was a man fixing the wifi box.

“So that’s why the game isn’t working.” And I went to tell my brother.