The New Bike by Luke

I was desperate for a new bicycle. My mam and dad said my bike is fine. Then my brother got a yellow bike for his birthday. I felt so annoyed that he got one and I didn’t. So I warned him to not ride his bike. He didn’t believe me and said that I was mean. My mam told him to let me have a go. My brother said no greedily. Then my mam went and banned him from the Playstation for two weeks and said that I could play the Playstation by myself. Then for my birthday I will get a bike.

One thought on “The New Bike by Luke”

  1. Hi Luke, that story was really good! We did this prompt as well! I like how you used some describing words. Did you get the bike for your birthday? Maybe next time you should try to include when your birthday is. That was a pretty good story!

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