The Mystery of Bluebinsburg by Alfie

In Bluebinsburg there has been a report of missing bikes, scooters and cars; you have been warned.

Jack lived in Bluebinsburg and got a new shiny yellow bike that he cycled around on all day. He wheeled his brand new bike out into his back garden and jumped into his bed and dreamed about his new bike. Then the next morning he woke up and jumped out of bed and looked out the back garden his bike was greedly stolen . He went outside and desperately looked for it an followed tracks to a big dark cave and went inside.

One thought on “The Mystery of Bluebinsburg by Alfie”

  1. Hey Alfie I really liked your piece. What does it mean to wheeled your bike?, and maybe you should add like what the bike looked like, and what the handle looked like. Overall though I really liked your piece.

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