The Mysterious Bike Ride by Ashley

I was on a walk one day, when I saw a dainty yellow bicycle in the distance, it was stuck in tree! I went over to it and a multitude of questions came into my head…..

How did it get there?

Was there an incident?

Who owns it?

Suddenly I could visualise what happened. There was a girl who was cycling to school but she had to turn suddenly because a car was heading straight towards her she fell off, but her bike just rolled up a tree!!

I couldn’t wait to see what happened next but then everything stopped and I was left standing in front of the yellow bicycle.

2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Bike Ride by Ashley”

  1. Hi Ashley
    I really liked your story
    I feel sad for that girl who died
    I wonder why the girl took a shar turn
    Bye for now Liam A
    Mrs Boyces class

  2. Hi this is Maiyah. I really liked your story. I hope the girl is okay. How did you visualize what happen.

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