The Mushroom Village by Eden

I sat on my boat with a wistful smile on my face as I remembered the mushroom forest and village. Suddenly I had an idea, to sail to the village and have a proper look around. So I started rowing my oars. It took a few hours to get there but I finally did. I went and knocked on the door of the biggest mushroom house. When it opened I saw a wrinkled man less than half my size. His head looked like a mushroom. I asked who he was. Luckily he was nice and told me. He said he ruled the small mushroom village. I stayed a few more hours then left. 

3 thoughts on “The Mushroom Village by Eden”

  1. I really liked the idea of the mushroom village and your description of the old man was very clever. I did wonder though about your character ‘remembering’ the village, how did they know about it? What was their history with this magical place?

  2. Hi Eden –

    I enjoyed your story which was neatly packaged with a beginning, middle, and end. It flowed nicely from your boat trip to when you conversed with the mushroom king. You did a wonderful job incorporating all those five unrelated words in a cohesive, entertaining story. Well done! Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC from Virginia, USA

  3. Hi Eden. I really like the idea of a mushroom village. It’s very creative! I remember making a 100WC about mushroom as well! I wonder how many mushroom people/mushrooms there were?

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