The Museum by Aaron

My class and I were going on our school tour. We were taking a bus and we all got partners. I got Jimmy the weird, idiosyncratic kid in our class. It got even worse the calamitous twins were behind us. Eventually we got there and were so excited, the museum even had free cupcakes. They were sublime, remarkable you name it. As I walked in I noticed this woman in a red dress was retracing my steps. I was petrified, I was in the forbidden zone. The guards then kicked me out and told my teacher to give me a punishment. I thought I was responsible.

3 thoughts on “The Museum by Aaron”

  1. Hello Aaron, you have been very descriptive in your story and have made some wonderful language choices. You have chosen some sophisticated words. “Calamitous twins” works well. It is bad enough to have just one person causing calamity but when you double it, well, that has more emphasis. I like how you used the main character who went into the “forbidden” area as the reader would be expecting it to be one of the other troublesome students to do that. Well done.

  2. Hey Aaron what does idiosyncratic mean? What does calamitous twins mean also? So how big were the guards, and where were they from? What does sublime mean by the way? What was the punishment that the teacher gave you to? What did the museum have by the way like animals, sculptures, maybe even live animals?

  3. Hi Aaron,
    I like how you used these advansed words such as “idiosyncratic” and “calamitous”. Good job.

    -Dominic V, GES at FMS

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