The Mittens by Zach

One day a boy called Mike who had come home from school. His mum shouted ” I’m in the kitchen Mike “. He fired into the kitchen . ” Where’s your bike Mike”? said his mum. After a split second she realised that he had pink mittens on his hands. “Where did you get those mittens”? said his mum suspiciously. “I got them off a friend “said Mike. “What there name”? said his mum.”Got them off Eh,Eh,Eh… Stuart Bubbles ” explained Mike. Mum glanced at him and said ” is your bottle empty.” No mum” he said quickly and quietly.

4 thoughts on “The Mittens by Zach”

  1. Hi Zach
    I really liked reading your story because it was interesting .
    It reminded me of shrek somehow.
    Who really owns the mittens.
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs Boyces Class.

  2. Great story Zach I wonder why she asked him if he had finished her bottle . Bye Tadhg Mrs Boyce’s class. Please comment on mine

  3. Hi Zach,
    I loved the words you used especially when he fired into the kitchen.
    I like the name Stuart Bubbles but I don’t think I would be liked to be called that.
    By For now Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class

  4. Hey Zach I was reading your story “The Mittens” it was a good story but when your putting a question mark you can place it before the quotation marks but over all your story is great

    hub buddy : Derick

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