The Mission by Eden

One day Tim and Tom was going to his grandads house. His grandad was so happy to see them after level 5. Suddenly everything stopped and it felt like an tsunami then we saw the big waves and we ran out of the house the next thing we know we woke up on top of the mountain. A few hours later we son a bout on the water we tried to swim to the boat but it was to far away. At 10.41 we son an boat what was heading towards us we where saved but grandad was felling ill because he was in the cold for too long he was brought to the hospital and he was fin in the morning.

One thought on “The Mission by Eden”

  1. Hi, Eden. What an eventful day for Tim and Tom! Did the tsunami waves wash them up the mountain? Sounds like a scary situation to be in. I was so relieved to see they made it out in the end, which is the mark of a suspenseful story. Keep writing!

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