The Marshmallows went to the Blueberry’s House by Rorí

The white marshmallows went to the big castle made of leaves. They had gone for tea. They were dressed up in their best clothes. They were so exited to see the blueberry’s. The marshmallows brought their kids so they could play with the blueberry’s kids in the playground. They went to the playground to play hide and seek. All the leaves were blowing around and that scared the marshmallows so they got crafty and built a big gate so the leaves won’t get in. At seven in the morning they left to go back to their house. The marshmallows had fun.

3 thoughts on “The Marshmallows went to the Blueberry’s House by Rorí”

  1. Hi Rori,

    The marshmallows sure had fun! Wish I could join in their merry get-to-gather!.
    I guess they made the gate to stop the rolling leaves.
    Wonderful write-up, Rori, and keep on writing.

  2. Hello Rori, you have created an interesting fantasy here where everything is different than what we would expect. You have given marshmallows and blueberries human traits and the castle was made of leaves. The action of the marshmallows building a gate to protect themselves from the leaves can be seen as a metaphor of what humans do when faced with danger (be it a gate, medicine or brick walls). Well done,

  3. A wonderful story, Rorí. The “castle of leaves” sounds lovely and magical. I also like how you were highly focused on the marshmallows’ visit to the blueberries, without any diversions, as it makes the writing easy to follow. Additionally, you’ve used adjectives really well here, as there are just enough descriptions like the colour of the marshmallows to help me imagine the scene. Keep up the great work!

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