The Magical Tree by Aaron

I am going for a family walk with my family in the forest. We have gone to Canada so we don’t know our way around. I asked mam and dad if we could bring a picnic, they said yes. Eventually we started our trek in the forest. We were looking for a flat surface to have our picnic.” I found a flat surface”. While mam and dad were setting up the picnic I checked out the area around where we were having our picnic. I found an unusual looking tree with a hole at the bottom. I crawled through the hole and somehow I was back home in Ireland.

2 thoughts on “The Magical Tree by Aaron”

  1. Hey Aaron I loved this piece on how you magically went back home to Ireland. So anyways at Ireland do you call your mother mam because in America we call our mothers mom. Anyways in the part where you said i asked mam did you mean I asked my mam? Anyways I just love this piece keep up the good work (:

  2. I like how you made your story interesting! It’s like the hole in the tree is a portal that teleports you back to Ireland!

    -Dominic V. GES At FMS

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